Cold Water Extraction

Don’t let flood damage ruin your property! Orange Water Damage experts have the knowledge and the tools to restore your property efficiently. Using our five step process, we take our restorations very seriously, and always put the customer first. Don’t trust a second rate water damage company to handle ┬áproperty damage, contact Orange Water Damage and join hundreds of satisfied customers in the area.

How It Works:
We begin by performing cold water extraction, which removes all standing water from the affected areas into portable water tanks. Submersible pumps are installed in the floorboards, drywall and ceiling panels to get hidden water out from stubborn or hard to reach areas.

We then take an infra-red light to locate concealed water pockets. After we KNOW there is no leftover water we begin with dehumidification. Cold water extraction allows us to see the affected areas more clearly to better understand the level of in place drying needed. This process allows the air to clear up and the muggy humid feeling will begin to dissipate. We sanitize the affected areas and remove broken or damaged building materials and transport them to a dumpster. Any items you deem valuable and irreplaceable we offer off-site storage to keep them safe during the restoration.

Once we are 100% positive all water is removed we begin in place drying, which is non-intrusive and works similarly to cold water extraction. We place air blowers and vacuums in the affected areas and begin to slowly dry the areas out with heavy circulation. This also begins to remove the mildew smell at an even faster rate.

We offer direct insurance billing to all of our customers. We understand how annoying and messy insurance claims can be, so let us handle the headache and focus on restoring your property damage while you sit back and relax.

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