Fire Damage Restoration

Fire cleaning is a tiresome job. If you are doing it by yourself, the chances are that you will miss out many places that require water and smoke remediation. This can later turn into a much bigger problem because the water that was used to put out the fire can penetrate in dents and crevices of the house which will encourage growth of molds and fungi. This contamination can cause skin infections and other kind of diseases.

Removal of smoke odor is also tricky because even if you have cleaned your house, smoke odor stays for a long time and makes the house unbreathable. Just like the house was constructed by experts, it requires reconstruction by professionals who have the right plan, techniques, machinery and product to improve the living conditions after fire damage.

Orange Water Damage Restoration presents to you Orange Fire Damage Restoration Services- an extension in services to help you restore your property after fire damage. We have an experience of 10 years as a company. We are a group of dedicated individuals guaranteed to take care of your house, apartment, or office. Our renovation plan does not just focus on the fire and smoke clean up, but also timely completion of work and cost effective packages.

● Emergency action response in thirty minute
● Certified technicians
● Heavy duty machinery
● Anti-Mold and Antifungal treatments
● Upholstery, carpet and fabric treatment

Products Required for Home Improvement After Fire Damage Clean Up:
● Bleach with chlorine constituent: This can be used to clean smoke stains from colorless fabrics.
● Dishwashing powder: Dishwashing powder can be used for both salvaged fabric and utensils because damages caused by burns require extensive cleaning.
● Laundry liquid: laundry liquid can be used for gentle cleaning of clothes that have not been exposed to fire damage.
● Trisodium phosphate: This compound is used to remove soot and smoke smudges from floors and ceiling. Because this product is not widely available in the market, you can also look for alternative products.
● Oxygen bleach powder: We recommend using oxygen bleach powder because it is environmentally friendly. It must also be preferred over chlorine bleach as it is safer to use on colored fabrics.

Tips for Restoration:
● Do not touch appliances that have been in a fire
● Ceiling fixtures must not be used while the ceiling is still damp
● Touching items with soot can further worsen the situation. Do not touch smoke damaged items in the house
● Furniture, clothes, curtains and carpets should be sent for dry cleaning because home laundry will not make much of a difference
● Seek for professional help in the duration of 48 hours after the fire has been put out for best results

If you have questions regarding events that follow after a fire damage, please feel free to contact us 24/7 on our hotline and we’ll make sure that you get the best advice and suggestions. Call us now at 714-941-0522